Our Specialist Programs


At Goollelal, we love Science! Our Year 1 to Year 6 students attend Science lessons taught by our highly skilled and passionate Specialist Teacher. Our Science Program is based on the Western Australian Curriculum and combines elements of Physical, Earth and Space, Chemical and Biological Science. Our students enjoy experimenting and exploring Science in our dedicated Science Room. They also enjoy the opportunity to learn about the care and cultivation of living things by working with, and caring for, our school chickens and vegetable garden.

Physical Education

Physical Education is taught by a Specialist Teacher. Each Year 1 to Year 6 class receives two lessons of PE each week. The PE program for Years 1 to 3 focuses on the development and improvement of the Fundamental Movement Skills, which include catching, striking, running, jumping, kicking, throwing and dodging. These skills are then incorporated into modified games. For students in Years 4-6 the program focuses on incorporating the Fundamental Skills and strategies to gain and maintain possession in major games and sports such as netball, soccer, football and cricket.

Visual Arts

The Goollelal Primary Visual Arts program gives our children the chance to express their creativity and ideas in a variety of fun-filled ways. It promotes confidence and self-esteem and encourages children to have an open mind and consider other points of view. Our program nurtures confidence, problem solving, inventiveness, perseverance and collaboration and is an essential part of Goollelal’s philosophy of developing the whole child.

Children in PP to Year 6 have one visual art lesson every week. These lessons cover a wide range of mediums such as, textiles, drawing, painting and ceramics. They include the study of both local and overseas artists, along with the elements and principles of art, in accordance with the WA Curriculum.


Specialist teachers from the Department of Education’s School of Instrumental Music (SIMS), offer guitar and flute tuition to selected Year 5 and Year 6 students who demonstrate a high level of musical aptitude.  Lessons are conducted weekly.  More information can be found on the SIMs website.

Language Other Than English (LOTE)

In 2018, the KETAWA Online Indonesian Language Program was introduced in our Year 3 classes. This program will be expanded to Year 4 in 2019, Year 5 in 2020 and Year 6 in 2021. From 2019, our Kindergarten to Year 2 classes will also have the opportunity to take part in the Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) Program. ELLA is a series fun apps which develop a love of learning languages and cultural understanding.


The Primary Extension and Challenge program caters to the special learning needs of gifted and talented students in Years 5, 6 and 7.  They offer a wide range of extension courses as well as specialist courses in a variety of community and educational settings.  PEAC classes are conducted by specialist teachers off-site.  More information about the PEAC program can be found on the North Metro PEAC website.